Post of the Day (26-12-2015)

Quote of the day: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss

Fact of the day: Reindeer like eating bananas.


“And if you don’t live, you have nothing to write about.” –James Maynard Keenan

I may be completely sleep-deprived and exhausted, but at least I have something to write about. Yesterday was a friend’s birthday, and we went to go watch the new Star Wars movie. We stayed up until 2am, acting completely high and trying to shut our ears to the sound of two of our friends sucking face.
The last time we saw each other we didn’t sleep. We watched the sun set from a deck over a forest valley, staying up all night watching movies, and going back out to the deck to watch the sun rise over the mountains.
On Halloween we attempted to trick-or-treat, but mostly just walked around a fancy residential area playing amazing music and talking. We painted one of our friend’s nails and made him wear a dress. We ate dinner at the Waterfront and sat in the dark listening to music. We lay in the road, staring up at the stars until a car came and we ran off the road.
We’ve made a bonfire and sat out in the dark with music, talking, and we’ve gone swimming in the middle of the night. There’s still so much we want to do together, like road trip to Cape Town, and go to Tomorrowland. Doesn’t this sound like so much more than just spending your life in bed, watching YouTube videos and sleeping and doing homework? To some people, that’s all life is… and it’s FUN to them. For some, that’s all they need. But for others, all they need is one crazy night out with friends to feel happier than they ever imagined they could be.
Maybe you’re the kind of person who’s perfectly happy staying at home. But otherwise… just live a little.
If you’ve had any amazing experiences worth writing about, tell me in the comments. : )

This Is Life As We Know It

Destiny in Life

Hello all, I’ve been thinking lately… Why don’t I start a blog about what destiny or purpose in life can bring us? Well, I’m going to tell you my perspective of what true destiny in life is and what purpose we have on this planet we call home.

Firstly, I would like to say that life isn’t only about looking out for others and caring for the people around us, but also about looking out for ourselves and making sure we fully live life with the others we commit so much time to.

I believe in religion, but always make sure that I look at the science side of things, because I know that Religion without Science is Blind. I also believe life was brought to Earth so we can advance and innovate into the future, which allows us to have a sort of purpose. But why would we need to do this? Why would we have to innovate or advance technology and sciences of the planet Earth? Well, my theory is simple. Our brains are the most complex organ known to humankind, meaning that we have been given the ability to establish a world where humans are able to rule and control Earth as if it was their own.

Many people think that we were a mistake, that humankind was almost like a creation gone wrong, or a by-product of the existence of the universe, but the thing is: how can we be a mistake if everything we eat, touch, see and smell is all perfect; if every organ falls into place perfectly; if everyone has unique personality and gene sequence? This can’t be a mistake or a mess-up because we have explored the galaxy and the stars, and we have ventured deep into the ocean and managed to learn and understand the world’s mathematics and workings, and if we were a mistake then we wouldn’t have gotten this far.

I believe we are looking for something out there, something that has the answers to all the questions we have… I think we all have a final destiny or purpose and were put here to progress to such a point that we find that something!

This is Life As We Know It 🙂